This is the very first Blog Post for the SSGG (a.k.a. Somers School Garden Group).

Anna Hughes ran a very successful Healthy Eating Day at Somers Primary School. Lots of people were a little bit inspired by this and a number of people asked about getting the garden up and running again. The Somers Primary School Principal, David Ingham, was approached and asked about the garden. David was very keen for a Volunteer group to take over the garden and run with it. So thats what we will try to do.

A group of volunteers got together and chatted about possible future development of the garden.

A simple plan was outlined.

The first step will be finding the many other potential volunteers for the Somers School Garden. So for today we are just putting the word out.

Next time you are at the school go and have a look at the garden. You will see what it has and what it has not.

Do you have anything you would like to contribute?

Time. Skills. Seedlings. Compost. Seeds. Tools. Stakes. Stones. Manure. Paint. Ideas. Anything?Placeholder Image


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