We have set a date of 28.8.16 as a Sunday Morning Working Bee.

The aims of the Working Bee will be very clear. We will plan to have a series of short attainable goals/tasks for people to take in depending on their interests and skills.

There will be “jobs” for kids.

There will be “jobs” for green fingered people.

There will be “jobs” for practical non-green fingered people. (Possibly requiring power tools!)

So we will encourage all sorts to come along, see where the garden is & see what you/your kids/your partner might be able to do to help.

This will run from 10am to 2pm.


We will have food and drinks too.

It will be a combined Garden Working Bee with a Healthy Garden Food Day!

The challenge is to make as much use of the garden as possible. So try to use something from the garden in the foods and drinks. There are lots of lemons. There is mint. Go in and have a look.

We will do a (superior) sausage sizzle (probably using fallen branches from the garden).

Maybe a savoury preserved lemon to go with the sausages.

We can make lemonade.

We can make lemon cakes.

Send us an email if you want to get involved or if you have an idea.


We will ‘advertise’ this in the next few newsletters.



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