22 parents and children gave up their time to pull weeds up, turn compost heaps and clean out old sheds in the Somers School Garden. It really was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.


The first working bee of the school year met at the school. There were kids, parents and grandparents. There was morning tea and a hearty well earned lunch. There was a big change over five hours of sunshine and a lot of childrens laughter.

Special mentions must go to some standout efforts.

Thanks to Sunijaine Furnival-Monk who brought three generations of her family. Not only this they arrived early and cleared weeds and tidied beds with impressive energy all day.

Thanks to Henry Hutchinson for bringing his brother and his father and taking on the mystery of why the irrigation is not working.

Thanks to Digby Young who brought his younger brother Claude and his dad Troy. His mum Jess was not only a horticultural dynamo but a fantastic source of knowledge and ideas about the garden.


Thanks Ella, Charlotte and William Hughes. Not only did the triplets help with the shed purge William never stopped helping even during the breaks. They also brought their parents and while Marty toiled Ana prepared lemonade and a proper feast for us to enjoy. Including several foods and drinks drawing from the garden. (My favourite was the lemon cake.)


Aoife and Cormac Lynch brought their dad, Doug,  who spent most of his time trying to keep the kids happy and clearing out the old shook shed.

Aoife, Cormac and Rebecca Seward spent most of their time keeping younger gardeners entertained, especially after they had lost interest in gardening, which was a great help. The respective parents appreciated that.


Sam, Max and Finlay Howes brought their mum Pippa and dad Joe. Pippa did everything! Joe completely dug out one of the enormous “compost” pile and actually turned it into a compost pile. (Removing more than one ute full of wood and bark that was never going to break down.

The day was a perfect mix of labour, laughter, joking and seriousness, garden tending and healthy eating.

Ana especially put a lot of time and energy into the refreshments and lunch before and after the day we spent in the sun.

There was a great host of ideas about how the garden may develop and how it may be of use to the children and staff at Somers Primary.

We hope its the beginning of a new period of community engagement in the School Garden. We want to build on all the great efforts of all involved in the past and support those doing so much in there today.

We hope the kids, teachers aids and teachers can get back in there and do whatever it is that inspires them.

(Consent obtained for all photos. D. Lynch.)





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