Hello Everyone,

This is the first set of suggestions from local professional gardener and one of our parents Jess Brady. Jess has years of experience in the area of horticulture and has been involved in a number of projects around the peninsula. She is presently running the Kitchen Garden for the Polperro Vineyard and gives all her time and advice to the Somers Schools Garden Group for free.

If you are wondering what you might plant in your garden bed read on.


Hi all, 

Autumnal planting Information…

Here’s a key:

• (DS) Direct sowing by seed/either directly into the garden or in trays/pots. A light soil such as a commercial seed raising mix is a good medium. Or sifted compost if you can’t access seed raising mix. Don’t forget to label what you’ve planted!

• (S) Seedlings or plants directly planted into the garden 

• (WCM) crops susceptible to white cabbage moth. A note on white cabbage moth: don’t be deterred in planting these crops. All it requires is some attention to remove either eggs (laid on the underneath of the leaf) and physically removing the green caterpillars later by the moth. They do cause havoc on some crops but can be managed either with exclusion netting or vigilance in removal of eggs/caterpillars. They also create a WONDERFUL example of a lifecycle and kids LOVE collecting caterpillars! So within their problematic gardening issues lies a great chance for discussion and learning! 

•All Brassicas (S, WCM) (Brassica is the name given to the family of these guys: broccoli, broccolini, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts

•English Spinach, lettuce, silverbeet, Rocket (S, DS in punnets)

•Broad beans (DS in garden)

•Beetroot (S,DS in punnets)

•Carrot (S, DS)

•Celery (S, DS in punnets)

•Florence Fennel (S, DS in punnets) 

•Leek, spring onions (S,DS in punnets)

•Parsnip, turnip (S, DS in punnets) 

•parsley (S, DS) 

•Garlic (DS into the garden. Break up a glove on organic garlic and each glove will turn into a new clove. A long crop however around 8 months till harvest) 

•Asian greens (WCM) eg. mizuna, bok choy etc (S, DS into punnets)

•Radish (DS in garden)  

•coriander (S, DS)

•chives (S)

•mint (best grown in separate container as can get weedy) 

•peas (S,DS) Peas are a WONDERFUL crop for kids and great introduction to young learners. It can also lead to creative projects in creating a frame for the peas to clamber on. Think wigwams made from found branches, there are also bamboo available in the School Garden, add some weaving from some wool or old scrap material… Let your creativity flow. The kids will lead the way!  

Edible flowers:

Edible flowers are a excellent addition to any food garden. They bring in pollinators and add interest and colour. They can also be excellent for fairies, making magic potions and sparking imaginations with the kids.

Edible flowers to plant now:

•alyssum (S,DS)

•nasturtiums (S,DS)

• Calendula (S,DS)

• violas, Johnny jump ups (S,DS)

• borage (S,DS)

• snapdragons (S,DS)  

and Many more! 


Let your creativity guide you and please don’t hesitate to contact myself if you need support in your garden. 

Remember all efforts are a great learning experience for both ourselves and the kids. It’s all learning! 

Happy days in the garden digging fellow green thumbs. 

Trust the process! 

Kind regards,




If you would like to ask Jess a question about a School Garden matter please send an email to SomersSchoolGarden@gmail.com and it will be forwarded to Jess.




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