Just the other day someone asked a question about additional needs kids.

The question was; are they getting their own Garden Beds?

The answer is; They share the beds with their class.

At this time the plan is to have Garden Beds allocated to each class. ALL the kids from that class then will do with their bed whatever their class group wants. This will be driven by the teachers, the kids, the volunteer Gardening Parents and VERY IMPORTANTLY the additional needs kids AND their aides.

When we started to try to get the garden up and going we found out that the additional needs kids and their aides were actually the saviours of the Garden. They were spending more time in there than anyone else. They were planting more plants. They were doing more work. They were keeping the Garden alive. Thank you!

The present model we have is that each class has its own bed. Some kids in that class may spend more time in the garden than others depending on the individuals. The additional needs kids may spend more time in their bed which is shared by the whole class. Because the aides work closely with the relevant teachers on almost everything it is hoped that they can work closely on the Garden Beds.

Even better; it may be that the additional needs students will be the driving force for some or all of the Garden Bed activities. Their efforts will be apparent to the whole class. Their successes can be celebrated. The rest of the class group will see all the good work that is being done and (we hope) appreciate the people that have done that work. For example; this is Mack’s Garden. Mack has a lot to be proud of!


That’s the plan for the moment. As ever we would like to hear your thoughts on it.

Send us an EMAIL SomersSchoolGarden@gmail.com

(We would love to promote the good efforts of all teachers, kids, aides, volunteers and artists…..so please do send any photos of what you are doing in the Somers School Garden and we can share them;

INSTAGRAM @SomersSchoolGarden

TWITTER @SomSchooGarden



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