Tam Alner has sent in a progress report from the hard working kids in Prep H. 

Thanks to Miss H, the Prep H aides and especially Tam the parent volunteer for making the Prep H garden bed one of the prettiest in the whole Garden! Well done kids! Not only has Prep H grown a lot of beautiful vegetables but they have also spotted the Bunny.

This Bunny is cute. This Bunny is also hungry. I’m sure there were some good conversations about rabbits in Australia. There were so many good pictures from Tam and Prep H that I made a little slide show. See Tams story below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


While preparing our patch, a little rabbit was wandering about…

Week 1: Planting out our seeds and seedling.

We planted some spearmint, lemon balm and thyme and loved smelling the herbs before we planted them. We talked about what plants need to grow and which vegies we all liked to eat.

We also planted some seedlings of beetroot, snow peas, tomatoes and Brussel sprouts and some climbing bean seeds to climb up our driftwood tepee.

Week 5:

Our garden was in need of some love, so we got our gloves on and cleared out the weeds.

We also decorated the patch by weaving different ribbon and threading on some buttons and beads.

In the process, we spotted some snow peas growing beautifully, some tomatoes that may or may not ripen and many more flowers ready for more snow peas.

We also spotted a caterpillar and a lovely, long worm…

Everyone who helped took a turn drawing some of the vegies we have growing in our patch.

We are waiting for our beetroots to grow a little bigger so we can harvest them and make some beetroot and chocolate cupcakes….. YUM.


As ever please send any comments to us at SomersSchoolGarden@gmail.com

All photos are cross referenced to ensure no photos are inappropriately shared. If you would like us to change something please get in touch.





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