Get your local produce every Monday.


Every Monday at Somers Primary School, before and after assembly we are selling the produce from the garden at the ever cheerful Somers School Garden Produce Stall. As you can see above we have the finest produce.

Admittedly some of the staff are little bit rougher around the edges but their hearts are in the right place.


The stall sells the best of the garden and also the donated produce from gardeners across Somers and the surrounding area. If you have any excess produce then please consider donating it to the Produce Stall on a Monday morning. Pop in and say hello or send it along with the kids. We run the stall from 08:45 to 09:45 at present. If there is enough demand we will try to get down to the school a little earlier. Send us an email if you have any questions or comments,

So if you have FLOWERS, VEGETABLES, FRUIT, SEEDS, SEEDLINGS, PLANTS, HERBS or EGGS then send them along and we will be most thankful. We cannot sell cooked foods at the weekly stall but we are asking for donations of JAMS, PRESERVES, PICKLES, CAKES and ANYTHING ELSE for the Somers School Garden Stall that will be at the Somers Arts Fair.

Thank you so much to everyone that has donated and everyone that has supported the Stall so far. The contribution of the staff, the parents, the kids and even local hero, Lady Lollipop herself, Carol have donated and bought from the stall. It is raising a little money and getting the word out about the Garden so we are very happy.




1/2B Pie-Fest.

It is on!

A major challenge has arisen to the now world famous Mac-Pies. The a crack team of expert gardeners, harvesters and food “preppers” from 1/2B have decided to come together as a team and see if they can make pies as good as Macs!

1/2B think they have won it. It is all getting a bit tense. We may need an independent adjudicator.

Macarena: Art and Industry

It is tough out there on the mean streets of the Somers School Garden. Bunnies, possums and birds are all trying to eat your goodies. We need a hero! And now class 3/4 M have a hero; She is called Macarena.

Wherever she goes birds shake with fear. To date not one has dared fly within her range for there could be only one winner.

Go the mighty Macarena!

Macarena the scarecrow from 4:3M.JPG


Mac Gets Cooking

One of the star gardeners of this year has been young Mackenzie.

She has been a great example to us all. Not only has she planted, weeded, nurtured and harvested her garden but she has also cleaned and prepared her harvest before making it into some yummy healthy food!

Well done everyone.



Silverbeet, Rainbow Chard and maybe some beetroot leaves?


Anyone for pies?

Brilliant work Mac!!!

Monday Produce Stall going well.

The school garden produce stall is going really well. Thanks to everyone thats helping out, donating stuff and picking veggies from their school or home garden beds.

Please come along and say hello. We will be keeping it going on Monday mornings.

If you have any suggestions please let us know.Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 17.21.56.png

New Produce Stall Success

The Inaugural Green Thumb Award goes to…..

SSG Awards 2017 Term 2 Green Thumb


Well done to everyone that works on the Prep H Garden Bed.

Gardening Awards; Caleb & Ollie 1/2 G&E

4 awards were presented at the end of Term 2. We’re celebrating them all separately.

Congratulations to Caleb and Ollie of 1/2G&E for winning the Budding Gardener Award.

Well done!

Thanks to the Balnarring Branch of Bendigo Bank for being our major sponsor this year.

SSG Awards 2017 Term 2 1:2G

Working Bee in the SPS Newsletter.

Thanks to everyone that helped out in the Term 3 Working Bee. And thanks to Tamara B. for getting the article in the newsletter.

GB SPSnews 17.8.17GB2 SPSnews 17.8.17.jpg

NEW Garden Produce Stall

NEW Somers School Garden PRODUCE STALL

 Dolly and Doggy
Next Monday we are going to trial a new project; a Local Produce Stall.
Each Monday we are going to set up a little Stall just outside Assembly and sell stuff!
What we need from everyone is your excess produce from the school garden bed that you work on OR from home.
So if you have a loads of Lemons, swathes of silverbeet, surplus seedlings…. then bring them on down and drop them with the volunteer at the Garden Stall. In the first few weeks that volunteer will be Doug Lynch. The stall will just be a garden trolley. (Dolly the Trolley.)
We would like anything you are willing to donate; eggs, jams, pickles, cakes….. anything!
The PRODUCE STALL has many functions for the School Garden Community.
1. It will help raise funds.
2. It will help raise awareness about what the Somers School Garden Community is doing.
3. It will promote local produce of all sorts; the school garden, the local gardeners, the local farm gate producers.
4. We hope to use this as a stepping stone into a load of new HEALTHY EATING initiatives for the kids.
5. It will help you get rid of whatever it is you have in excess. (I personally cannot face another Radish!)
6. Everyone gets a chance to pick up some locally grown or made yummy stuff.
So please say hello to the person at the stall.
Find out whats going on in the garden.
Bring some change if you would like to pick up some locally grown vegetable etc.
If you have anything to donate then bring that along.
If you want to you can even barter a bit just as long as the stall does well out of the deal.
Initially the PRODUCE STALL will be open before and after assembly 08:45 – 09:45
We are very lucky that we have such a large number of parents who come to assembly. It is a great measure of the cohesion in the extended school community. IF there is enough demand we may be able to have it open at other times or have it run like an honesty box system.
Over the coming weeks we will work out the best ways to runs the stall and we will keep you all updated.
For the first few weeks it will be quite small until we get the word out.
HOWEVER we don’t want it to be too small! So please, see what you can bring along next Monday and lets see how good we can make it all look.
Sound good?
Any questions?
As ever PLEASE send any questions or comments to
Flyer Stall
Doug for the Somers School Garden.