1/2 E gets artistic in the Garden

Parent Volunteer Vanessa J. (Aka Vanessa Johnson) has sent a few pictures from a recent visit to the garden.
The 1/2E kids have been talking about how they want to decorate the garden beds and  decided on making some mosaic tiles for the boarder!
Should be fun (not sure how it will turn out – Vanessa needs to teach herself how to mosaic first!
These images are the kids first attempt at drawing up their designs!  Nice work by 1/2E kids…..Ella, Anya, Mabel, Maggie, Eden, Eliza, Jack, Harrison, Scarlet and Ruby.
We’ll pop a notice in the newsletter to see if anyone has any spare tiles lying around at home we could use and hopefully we will be able to start on the final artworks after we get back from holidays in a few weeks time!