Job Opportunity at Somers


Job Title;                          Volunteer Parent Gardener.

Positions Available:       At least one for each class. Job-sharing                                                       encouraged.

Hours:                              Not many, whatever you can spare.

Remuneration:               Mmmmm…. Revegetation?

Essential Skills:              None. Enthusiasm would help.

Line Manager:               Don’t be silly. You just plant stuff and pull weeds. Maybe make something from the things the kids grow.

Collaborates with:        The kids. The teacher. The teachers aids. The School. The Somers School Garden Community. Basically you get a lot of help if you want it.

Potential for growth:    Lots and lots.

IMG_9943We are always looking for new friends of the garden. Perhaps you can help your child’s class in 2018 by being a Parent Gardener. Perhaps you would like to share a garden bed with someone else. Each classroom has it’s own dedicated garden bed. It is only 2 square metres of soil. It is not labour intensive. It does not take much time. Each bed is run to suit the kids of the class. Your child’s teacher may have a plan, or one of our wonderful teachers aids may have a project or you may have an idea yourself. And the other people involved in the garden are here to help. We have tried to design the garden parent volunteer model in such a way that no-one has too much to do, no-one has to do anything alone and if you cant be there at any given time no-one is going to be upset.

If you know another parents from the class or classes that your child or children are part of next year then why not have a chat with them and see if you would like to share a small but rewarding role between you?

Alternatively you could lend an occasional hand to the developing Somers Primary School healthy eating movement which is part of the Somers School Garden vision.

We have tried to create an gardening community around the garden that will benefit the kids, the school, Somers and surrounds. It is very hard for one or two teachers to carry the garden, they are busy, the aids are busy, in fact we are all busy but many hands make light work. It is a collaborative concept. If you can lend a hand, even for an hour or two, the collaboration grows.



Working Bee 10.12.17


Somers School Garden MINI-Working Bee

This Sunday 10.12.17 from 10 am-12 midday we are having a very short, year ending, garden working bee.

It is December. It is nearly all over for another year and what a year it has been.

The Somers School Garden has had a bit of a re-birth. The garden is thriving, the kids are in there, the teachers and teachers aids are using it and an extended community of parents/kids/gardeners are growing. A great big thank you to everyone that put effort in.

The garden has been given a lot of love this year and we hope to continue this into the future.

In order to do this we are trying to keep the momentum going. Thus the MINI-Working Bee. This doesn’t have to be very hard work. We have to clear out some weeds, remove some overgrown plants and replenish the soil. We shall plant a summer-time cover crop/green mulch and allow that to flourish over the holidays.  This weekend we are asking for help from anyone that has a bit of an interest in the Somers School Garden or healthy food or gardening in general.

Can you come along and help out?


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We say Thank you.

Here is the article from the Somers Primary School Newsletter this week.

Don’t forget the MINI- Working Bee Planned for 10.12.17 from 10 am  to midday.Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.31.20

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 12.33.00

Beetroots Rock.

Relish. Cake. Salads. Brilliant.

Beetroot has been my favourite vegetable this year. You can juice it, boil it, steam it, roast it, you can eat the leaves in salads, you can pickle the whole thing or just the stems, you can make cakes and relishes. Oh the things you can do!

Here are the things that 1/2B did

Harvesting and cooking Beetroot & Chocolate cake today!


Charlotte, Niamh, Bella, Drew and Sophie were the cooks and the cake was enjoyed by the whole class!!



IMG_2698There was 1.5Kg of beetroot leftover so we’ve also made beetroot relish for the Arts Fair Garden Stall which all sold out super quick!


IMG_2703The beetroot leaves will go into the gourmet salads and baguettes which will be sold from the “Old School House Cafe” at the Arts Fair!!

Let us know if you need more info or recipe etc?


The garden continues to bring joy. This young entymologist is not yet at the school but he dropped his brother off and collected a fine little sample. Does anyone know what insect this is?IMG_2169

The Produce Stall, is it worth continuing?

We had another day of locally grown produce from the school garden and the gardens of the families at the school.

Today the highlights were the organic/biodynamic garlic and broad beans.

The stall is not getting as much sales this term as last term. This term has been a bit interrupted of course. The stall has been quite successful in raising money but more importantly it leads to a lot of conversations about the garden and gardens and healthy food. Essentially it grows the community around the garden as much as it funds the garden projects.

We shall review the Monday Produce Stall project at the end of the term.

If you have strong feelings about it please get in touch or just come along on Mondays and talk to Doug “The Grocer” Lynch.


The Arts Fair

The Arts Fair happened. The Somers School Garden had a stall at the Fair for the first time ever.

It was hard work. The efforts of the garden community were Herculean. Extra special mentions must go to some very very generous people.

Tammy Jacoby nurtured hundreds upon hundreds of seedlings and then staffed the stall all day. No breaks. Non-stop energy. Brilliant. Many other smaller donations of seedlings were a great addition to the variety available.

Jess Brady and Zoe Proctor and all the Boomerang Bags Bunch: they made, gave away and occasionally sold hundreds of recycled and reusable. And they ran workshops on the day for hours. Around the workshops they were also at the stall.

Jess also organised the native flower display and stock. This was very popular & a big part of our success.

Dominique Benoit made made a lot of very popular pickles, kombucha and lemon cordial. Dominique split her time between the Garden Stall and the Cake Cafe. Dominique’s partner Doug made some sourdough bread and a lot of “Carole’s Crossing” marmalade from Carole’s legendary lemons. (Lollipop Hero! Maybe next year we can make some sort of Lemon Lollipop?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ana Hughes was again instrumental in the whole affair. Organising and making products for the stall while running the entire Cake Cafe BBQ thing which looked fantastic but also looked like pretty hard work.

It was all pretty awesome really. Bendigo Bank have given us a $1000 grant this year and supported at the Fair by lending us a shelter. Balnarring Produce and Equestrian Supplies donated a ute loaf of peas straw bails for the stall.

The Stall made $1100.40 on the day. We were tired but happy. We tried to give it to the Arts Fair but they gave it straight back and suggested we re-invest it in the garden.

Warm fuzzy community feelings all round!

Get your local produce every Monday.


Every Monday at Somers Primary School, before and after assembly we are selling the produce from the garden at the ever cheerful Somers School Garden Produce Stall. As you can see above we have the finest produce.

Admittedly some of the staff are little bit rougher around the edges but their hearts are in the right place.


The stall sells the best of the garden and also the donated produce from gardeners across Somers and the surrounding area. If you have any excess produce then please consider donating it to the Produce Stall on a Monday morning. Pop in and say hello or send it along with the kids. We run the stall from 08:45 to 09:45 at present. If there is enough demand we will try to get down to the school a little earlier. Send us an email if you have any questions or comments,

So if you have FLOWERS, VEGETABLES, FRUIT, SEEDS, SEEDLINGS, PLANTS, HERBS or EGGS then send them along and we will be most thankful. We cannot sell cooked foods at the weekly stall but we are asking for donations of JAMS, PRESERVES, PICKLES, CAKES and ANYTHING ELSE for the Somers School Garden Stall that will be at the Somers Arts Fair.

Thank you so much to everyone that has donated and everyone that has supported the Stall so far. The contribution of the staff, the parents, the kids and even local hero, Lady Lollipop herself, Carol have donated and bought from the stall. It is raising a little money and getting the word out about the Garden so we are very happy.



1/2B Pie-Fest.

It is on!

A major challenge has arisen to the now world famous Mac-Pies. The a crack team of expert gardeners, harvesters and food “preppers” from 1/2B have decided to come together as a team and see if they can make pies as good as Macs!

1/2B think they have won it. It is all getting a bit tense. We may need an independent adjudicator.