Growing up healthy.

This is the blog site for the group of volunteers interested in trying to get the Somers School Garden going again. We call ourselves Somers School Garden Group (SSGG) because we have to call ourselves something.

The Garden has been a beautiful asset to the school and community. The aim of the group is to return it to its former glory and possibly grow into something bigger.

The main aim of the group is to revive the garden and make it available as an asset for the students, teachers, teachers aids and indeed anyone in the greater associated community.

In 2017 we have been lucky to receive support in the form of a grant from Balnarring & District Community Bank. (Thanks!)

The present group are standing on the shoulders of those that have built this garden before us. Thank you to all those people.

The basic work of the group is as follows;

We work to create a fertile, friendly and fun environment for the school community to utilise.

We would like to create a healthy raised garden bed for each and every class to use as they wish. Each bed will be allocated to a class. The teacher, Aides and Students in that class can decide what educational/support activities they wish to initiate in their raised bed.

Each class group will be supported by a parent or parents from within that class not unlike parents coming in to the class to help with reading groups.

To do this we plan to build the infrastructure to support the class groups. We hope to remove some of the heavy lifting  as the kids won’t be that excited by all parts of the process.

The teachers and aides are very busy and do not have time to weed, build compost heaps, build beds or paths, fix the irrigation etc

These allocated beds will be the initial focus. In the future the group will also try to support other projects. The existing project using mulberry leaves to feed silkworms and the Aquaponics Laboratory are great examples of what these projects may look like.

The steering group helps organise this process through the following steps;

1. One Working Bee Each Term.

2. At least one Volunteer Parent to help attend to one small bed.

3. An informal meeting in the Garden on each Monday after assembly. (Bring a coffee.)

4. An individual Volunteer Parent for certain specific tasks/systems. For Example the watering system is being organised by Doug Lynch with professional support by Richard Hutchinson.

5. A master planner for advice on what seeds/seedlings should be planted at what time. Thank you to Jess Brady who volunteers to do this using her extensive experience .

6. A steering group that takes care of interaction with the school, with sponsors, with Classes and with Volunteer Groups. This group also organises succession planning and encourages any interested parent or staff member to get in touch and get involved. Thank you to Ana Hughes, Pippa Howes, Dominique Benoit and Doug Lynch who are presently filling these roles.

There are multiple possible future projects that could be based in or partially based in the garden. The Somers School Garden Group (SSGG) is aiming to support the collective imaginations of the students, parents and staff in our lovely little school.

To see what is going on just click on the “SSG Blog” tab in the menu. (Usually at the top of the page depending on what device you are using).

The group is just getting started.

If you are interested in contributing send us an email;

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Please come along and have a look at the garden and see if you think you can help out or just share something that you have too much of at home. Our preferred social medium is healthy soil.

There is a HISTORY page which is very much a work in progress. If you know any of the history of the Garden then please share it with us and help us correct errors and fill in the gaps. Feel free to comment on anything or send us an email.