The garden has an automated watering system.

This is a simple inexpensive system. It is attached to the tap beside the Prep-Hampshire Bed. (That’s the bright blue bed below.)


The most important thing is to just leave it alone. The tap is permanently left OPEN and the timer is set to water the beds as appropriate for the time of year.

Well meaning people and children have been repeatedly turning the tap off but there is no need, in fact if you turn it off you could damage or kill all the plants in the garden.


Please don’t turn off the tap that feeds the irrigation controller and don’t try to reprogram the controller. If you think its not working properly then just send us an email to

If you need to use the hose or if you want to fill a watering can please use the other taps down beside the Edwards/Griffin Bed.


That’s a hose. It’s a pretty hose. It likes where it lives and we would ask that you and any kids you are working with might leave it there, rolled up as tidy as you can manage. The watering cans live there too.